Compact XL - Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Meet the next generation Molecular Laboratory

The Compact XL is a sample-to-PCR ready system, that eliminates the huge infrastructure and capital cost of the molecular lab; the machine is designed to automate all operations from sample handing to PCR tube preparation. Flexibility to test multiple parameters with multiple samples at the same time - something that was never available before.

Thirty-two separate channels allow the flexibility you need, with a dual deck facility. Two separate independently operating decks/platforms enabling random access. Automated barcode reading, auto-feed protocol, self sanitization, and LIMS connectivity defines Compact XL, as a complete walk-away system

Key Benefits - How Compact XL Outsmarts Traditional Labs

Save on Real Estate Costs

No need for multiple rooms and 1000+ sqft. of space. Compact XL reduces footprint to single room of 100 sqft

Reduced Manpower

Traditional lab needs 3-4 skilled molecular biologists. Compact XL allows you to run lab with just 1 technician

Less Equipment & Consumables

Significantly cost saving on dozen of small equipment and consumables , made obsolete by Compact XL

Zero Manual Error

Automated process with no manual intervention. Accurate material handling and process adherence for reliable results

Low Maintenance

Compact XL is a hassle and maintenance free system to save you costs in short and long term

Data Transfer

Local and remote

Applications - One Machine. Unlimited Tests

Covid-19 Testing

Blood Bank Testing

Infection Testing

Cancer Testing

Genetic Testing

Food & Forensics Testing

Product Features

Fully Automated and Integrated System

  • Automated extraction of nucleic acids from samples
  • Automated set up of PCR analysis

Parallel Processing

  • Multiple sample types
  • Multiple parameters can be testing on the same platform

Scale-up Capability

  • Multiple systems can be networked together to achieve throughput of 50 to 1000 + samples per day
  • Uses proprietary Mylab sample processing reagents, yielding high quality results

Sample Operations

  • Simple operations requiring Minimal skilled person for operation
  • Software driven workflow require very little training and very low maintenance

Ease of Use

  • One cartridge - One Test
  • No manual pipetting, no manual handling
  • LIMS connectivity
  • Compact footprint of the machine

Robust Contamination Control

  • Dedicated Lane for each Sample to prevent cross contamination
  • Secured and automated cartridge opening
  • UV light decontamination
  • Enclosed system for contamination free sample processing

Regulatory status

  • CE-IVD and CDSCO approved

Turn around time (TAT)

  • less than 2 hours from sample to result


  • Pathodetect® MTB Rifampicin and Isoniazid detection kit for molecular detection of MTB and resistance to Rifampicin and Isoniazid validated by ICMR in a prospective multicenter study on sputum samples and are recommended by ICMR expert committee on TB diagnostics to be used in NTEP

Simple to Use

Sample Types

Plasma | Serum




Compact XL®/Compact Q™ integrated system specifications

Physical dimensions Console
w: 130 cm / 51 inch
h: 70 cm / 27.5 inch
d: 77 cm / 30.3 inch
Weight: 275 kg / 600 lb

Power Requirement Console
Rated current: 7.1 A
Power input: 1500W
Rated Frequency : 50 Hz
Rates voltage: AC180-240V ±5%

Fluorescence dyes
FAM, SYBR Greenl, | VIC, HEX, TET, JOE, TAMRA, CY3, NED | ROX, TEXAS-RED | CY5, Quasar-670

Sample Per Run
1 to 32 samples

Sample Volume range
30 ul to 1 ml

Inbuilt UV lamps for self sanitization

Sample to PCR Ready

Operating Conditions
5°C to 40°C

4 channel multiplexing

Instrument Type
Standalone system
PC /Laptop connected
USB connected, external
devices such as printer

Sample Processing
Simultaneously can run 96 samples at the
same time in network

Power Backup
5 KVA UPS for 3 hours

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